About Us

We are facing a tsunami of compute and storage capacity demand. The current internet giants are already struggling to meet this demand, and will continue to push their highly centralised technologies that compromise personal sovereignty and privacy, while burning through an unsustainable amount of energy and natural resources. Not only does this represent an excellent business opportunity for a truly decentralised compute & storage platform, but also an opportunity to have a positive impact on the planet and the future of the human race.

Mariza Wellesley-Wesley

CEO Green Edge Austria

As a seasoned project finance lawyer, former Chief Counsel of an international financial institution, and CEO of an educational social enterprise, Mariza has been on a mission to create and implement complex operations and projects infusing them with values and hoping to change society for the better.


Michael Wellesley-Wesley

Chairman & Co-Founder

Mike is an experienced executive in the technology sector. He has founded and led private and public companies in the US and UK and has helped to build several startup companies in his 30 year adventure through the fast-changing technology and media space.